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Free Learn to Meditate classes

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About the Classes

The classes is designed for both complete beginners and regulars. You will learn simple techniques to experience the peace of true meditation and how to deepen your experience.

  • Join in at anytime, even if you miss a class.
  • Suitable for both complete beginners and regulars.
  • Develop practical techniques to clear and balance the subtle system.
  • Tips to help stay in balance throughout the working day and at home.
  • Video talks by Shri Mataji, the founder.
  • No physical exercises, postures or special clothing required.
  • Classes are free of charge.
  • No booking required.

Course is provided free by volunteers, as a non-profit community service. Donations are accepted, and go towards cost of venue hire and materials provided.

About Shri Mataji, founder

Shri Mataji was a Nobel Peace Prize nominee,  recipient of the United Nations Peace Medal and was twice honoured by the United States Congress.  She was internationally recognised for her contribution to humanity through a lifetime of work for peace and the well-being of mankind.

In 1970, after studying the field of medicine and focusing on the scientific terminology of the anatomy and human physiology, Shri Mataji started Sahaja Yoga meditation, which she insisted be shared with all, at no cost. Her core teaching is that within us all lies a transformative potential, which can be awakened using her method.  By doing so, we can bring peace and wellbeing to ourselves, our families, our social institutions, our nations and our world.

In keeping with Shri Mataji’s principles, Sahaja Yoga meditation is now offered free of charge in over one hundred countries.


Feedback from visitors to our classes:
  • “A great experience! I felt connected to the universe and great joy.”
  • “It was a practical meditation with good instruction for first timers, thank you! “
  • “It was nice, however I need to practise more for the complete experience. It’s simple & easy”

We sincerely hope you are able to attend these relaxing and informative classes.

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