Weekly Meditation Course starting Tuesday 16th April, 2013

Hi all,

we are very happy to invite you all for the new Sahaja Yoga Meditation Program starting Tuesday 16th April 2013.

This program is very well suited for total beginners; it encompasses a full course every Tuesday for 14 weeks.

• Join in at anytime, even if you miss a class.
• No physical exercises, postures or special clothing required.
• No booking required.

meditationWhat you’ll learn
The goal of the course is to teach each and everyone of us how to gain the state of Thoughtless Awareness, which is the true state of Meditation, and the only means that we have in these troubled times, to achieve pure joy, peace, bliss, love and satisfaction. This happens through a living process called Self-Realization, which is the very first step into understanding ourselves and our true identities.

Through the awakening of a maternal energy called Kundalini, we will be able to experience this energy and the state of thoughtless awareness on our very first meeting. In the following meetings, we will also share various techniques and methods to develop the experience of meditation and of thoughtless awareness, so that we may learn to meditate on our own. Sahaja Yoga meditation brings forth a process of complete and absolute transformation that comes from within.

Course and meditations are guided by volunteers and offered free of charge. Naturally, voluntary donations to cover venue hire and material expenses are always welcomed.

Course materials
Shri_MatajiWe will also provide materials such as recaps of each evening’s lessons, cds, videos and reading material to deepen the knowledge for those who wish to know more. Videos of talks by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation, will also be shown.

Course details
Every Tuesday at 7PM, starting from Tuesday 16 April for 14 weeks.
Venue name is “177 The Studio”, located on Naxxar Road, Birkikara.
(Join in at anytime, even if you miss a class.)

View Google map: Click here

Further enquiries: Call 7928 7541

We hope to see you there!

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